Monday, March 29, 2010

Now a few short observations about those in the news.

Anne Coulter: Why??? what is the attraction to a person who spews nothing but constant negatives, hatred, and bigotry. She should be free to express this vile garbage. I would be more interested in knowing who actually wants to hear this stuff and to ask ..... WHY???????

Steven Harper.... so, if it is anti-American to oppose George Bush' style aid to families. My question is; is our gun law, not having the death penalty, setting the drinking age at 19, the parliamentary system, hockey supremacy, not fighting in Iraq and Viet Nam, multi-culturalism, allowing Canadians to visit Cuba, not having Nuclear weapons on Canadian soil, etc. etc. anti- American. Perhaps merely being Canadian is anti-American. Who new??

The Pope and the Catholic Church. I can think of nothing more to say than they both arte the purest example of hypocrasy I have ever seen. Amen!!!

Sarah Palen. Proof "ignorance is bliss"

See ya.

Finally s'more

Immediately after starting this Blog so many obvious hot topics arose that I was overwhelmed with ideas and inevitable rants that I chose to stop breathe and wait. Honestly it's pretty hard to pass up Anne Coulter, Steven Harper and the anti American nonsense, the Pope and Catholic Church in general, US health care, Sarah Palin et al. But I may take a short shot at all of them at the end of this piece. Right now I have to finish what I have started regarding my lovely Family.

I was so intent at the outset to chronicle my family and self that I regrettably was far too insular. In so doing I neglected to list the other very special (extended) members of my family. These include: Joe's partner, Amy Gow a super Mom, who not only is (granddaughter Zoey's Mom) but also a super Doula and the mother of two other beautiful children. They are; 10 yr old Emily (or big Emily as Kelly's Emily calls her) Amy's eldest child and 7 year old Zach the only boy in the crowd of grand kids.

Son in law Alan Yaverbaum, a mad Irishman, jack of all trades, Kelly's hubby and father of grandkids Emily and Abai.

Sadie Beaton, Peter's significant other, lover of all things in the sea, (possibly part mermaid) and mother of Frankie, Pete and Sadie's dog.

I wanted particularly to mention these folks because as far as I am concerned they are all part of the Lane family (poor souls) . I am proud of them all and want them to know so.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome anyone to my new Blog.

This site I am hoping will be an expression of my own beliefs, joys, frustrations, rants, raves and concerns. I will warn all now that I am opinionated, have a tendency to run off at the mouth sometimes and will happily debate these opinions with anybody, friend or foe.

I think you will experience over time a blend of strongly worded rambles about such irritants (to me) as Anne Coulter, right wing politics, religious fanatacism, war, emperialism, politics and politicians etc., and joyous writings about family, sports, peoples' kindness, the honesty of children,true heroism and life in general. I may bore those who chance upon my site, anger others and hopefully even inspire some others.

I can say in all sincerity I have no idea where this blog is or will be going. Hang on for the ride and we'll see where we land up.